The Super Jenius Show

I had the pleasure of chatting with Jennifer Ott on Episode 115 of the podcast. Jennifer is the author of Desperate Moon and she's also the host of The Super Jenius Show on the Artist First Radio Network. Jennifer talks about indie publishing, vampires, and being a radio host.

Jennifer also interviewed me on her show, which you can hear in its entirety on Episode 116 of the podcast. We talked about negative book reviews, indie publishing, and the creative spirit.

Excerpt of Kristin Ravelle's review of Desperate Moon:

"The vampire trend in books is still out there, and Jennifer Ott's take is quite different from the usual modern, YA versions. Desperate Moon is well rounded with oodles of philosophy, medicine, politics, and sex. These are shown through the experiences of Katerina, a 600 year old vampire, and then along with Dr. Siegfried Andrasko. We begin in 1800s Eastern Europe. Katerina’s old husband dies and she and her maid servant, Hilde, set out on travels from their quiet town."