Chatting with Christopher Bernard

I had the opportunity to interview the prolifically interesting Christopher Bernard on the podcast, author of Voyage to a Phantom City. Christopher talks about growing both in the country and the city, the difficult task of getting reviews for e-books, and writing about growing into manhood.

An excerpt from The Free Library's review of Voyage to a Phantom City:

"Literary, allegorical and spiritual discoveries permeate the expedition and weave together literary and daily worlds alike, creating waves of surreal thought and interactions between very different protagonists. At the heart of Voyage to a Phantom City is a focus on these different directions and how these roads are chosen: 'Corn circles, witches' covens, corn wizards corn was the basis of Mayan blood rituals. That's what got me into archaeology, when I discovered that. Midwestern corn no longer seemed like such an embarrassment. We had a secret, we were wild and weird, dancing bare-chested beneath the slowly fattening cobs. All summer long.' From drifters to anarchists, believers to students, each searcher seeks something different from the expedition ... more than archaeological discovery."