The Unwrappening | Eraserhead

Me and my big brother, Greg, launched a new meta-series as part of The Martin Lastrapes Show Podcast Hour called "The Unwrappening." In this meta-series, Greg and I watch movies (specifically, movies that Greg loves, but I've never seen) and then chat about them. The movie at the center of this first installment of "The Unwrappening" is David Lynch's cult classic, Eraserhead

Peter Sobczynski, in his article "Defying Explanation: The Brilliance of David Lynch's 'Eraserhead,'" writes: 

"When I turned 16, I did not receive a new car or an ostentatious party or the revelation of heretofore unknown powers that would allow me to overthrow the confusingly designed dystopian society to which I belonged. Instead, I got something better—I got my mind permanently blown through the gift, courtesy of my Uncle Edward, of a VHS tape of 'Eraserhead,' David Lynch's one-of-a-kind debut feature that had become a notorious cult classic ever since its 1977 debut. At this time, I had certainly heard about the film—I had read the tantalizing pieces on them in such invaluable books as Danny Peary's "Cult Movies" and J. Hoberman & Jonathan Rosenbaum's "Midnight Movies"—and I had seen Lynch's subsequent efforts 'The Elephant Man,' 'Dune' and the jaw-dropping 'Blue Velvet,' and was therefore certainly primed to finally experience his maiden work at last since none of the video stores in my area were adventurous enough to stock it."