Chatting with Diana Wagman

Diana Wagman, author of Life #6 and The Care and Feeding of Exotic Pets, was my guest for an epic two-part series on The Martin Lastrapes Show Podcast Hour. In PART ONE, Diana talks books, screenwriting, and close calls with Hollywood. In PART TWO, Diana talks about her friend Janet Fitch (author of White Oleander), her latest novel (Life #6), and the awesome clown novel she's working on (which I cannot wait to read!). 

Excerpt of the New York Time's review of Life #6:

"If every stage of growth proceeds from a sort of metaphorical death, how many times in life does one person die? We cycle through our grand repertory of possible selves, striving in adolescence and adulthood for reinvention, yet our most enduring feature never recedes: We are always dying. Diana Wagman explores themes of immortality and time in her fifth novel, “Life #6,” about 49-year-old Fiona, a part-time art educator at the Getty Villa in Los Angeles who gives tours to snickering, incurious teenagers and their disgruntled teachers. When the book opens, Fiona — contemplating life’s big questions as she stares at a statue of Venus — has just learned she has breast cancer. So many times she’s almost died, but cancer might be the one death she can’t dodge. How did she get here, and did she make all the wrong choices?"