Chatting with Will Entrekin

I spent over three hours gabbing with my friend, author and publisher, Will Entrekin. 

PART ONE: Will talks about reading Stephen King, starting Exciting Press, and writing The Prodigal Hour

PART TWO: Will talks about publishing my stories, the merits of m, and why he hates the term "self-publishing." 

From Sam Sattler at Book Chase:

"Is there anyone not fascinated by the notion of time travel?  

Whether the pull is simple curiosity about what the past was really like, or wonder about the future one is doomed to miss out on, there is just something irresistible about the possibilities of traveling up and down the time continuum at will.  Or, perhaps, the lure is more personal, a desire to right some personal wrong we have done or suffered, for instance.  Whatever the reason, Will Entrekin is here to tell you to be careful what you wish for – because you might just get it.

If Chance Sowin, the main character of Entrekin’s new novel, The Prodigal Hour, had arrived for work at the World Trade Center just a few minutes earlier, his life might well have ended on September 11, 2001."