Chatting with Michael Van Cleve

On Episode 134, I enjoyed a great conversation with comic book writer Michael Van Cleve, author of Child of the Sun. Michael talks about his childhood influences, his favorite comic book writers, and his secret technique for getting Hollywood executives on the phone. 

From Keith Grayeb at Comic Bastards:

"Biblical mythology has always fascinated me. I am a big fan of mythology in general, but I feel the Greek and Norse mythos are a tad overexposed in popular culture these days. I would bet the name Hercules/Heracles is much more widely known than Samson, who some historians consider his Hebrew Bible counterpart. Child of the Sun dares to unify these legends by offering as compelling a mythological crossover event as I can imagine. At the end of issue one they are still friends, but I don’t care. Heracles vs. Samson: Who ya got?!"