Blondie and the Brit...and Me

I had the great pleasure of being a guest on Blondie and the Brit with KJ Waters (Blondie) and Suzanne Kelman (The Brit) . It was my second time on the show and this time it was "Episode 81: Confessions of an Author." The author, in this case, is me and the confessions are mine. Here's more about the episode from their website:

This week we are excited to bring you award-winning author Martin Lastrapes, a great friend to Blondie and the Brit and one of our Podcast Heroes. Martin brings to the show all the weight of his comedy and interviewing expertise from his own podcast, "The Martin Lastrapes Podcast Hour."

This is a fun upbeat interview that also has very poignant moments where Martin opens up about the struggles we all face on the writer's journey. Don't miss this open, funny, 'telling it like it is' interview with one of our favorite guests.

It was great fun being on their show, so press PLAY and enjoy: