Chatting with John Palisano

On Episode 143 of the podcast, I enjoyed a conversation with 2016 Bram Stoker Award Winner John Palisano. John talks about writing horror, being the Vice President of the Horror Writers Association, and what it was like to win the Bram Stoker Award. 

Marvin P. Vernon, in his review of Ghost Heart for Hellnotes, writes,

"When reading the summary of John Palisano’s Ghost Heart, it is impossible not to think “vampire” (and it would be fair to call this a variant of the vampire mystique) but Palisano’s vampires are not eternal – they are sick. The condition brings lots of perks to it provided you have a fresh supply of blood, yet there is a price to be paid."

Vernon goes on to say,

"I would recommend Ghost Heart to someone who likes a good horror novel yet wants something that also features important human interactions and issues or someone looking for a novel that is vampire yet not really vampire. It is always nice to see a new bent on the old warhorse and doubly nice to read a book that is able to add some real human dilemmas to its story."