Stephen King's Rules for Writers

On Episode 96 of The Martin Lastrapes Show Podcast Hour, I looked over Stephen King's 20 rules for writers, which I found in an article on Open Culture: The Best Free Cultural & Educational Media on the Web called “Stephen King’s Top 20 Rules for Writers” by Josh Jones. These rules, according to the article, originally appeared in Stephen King's outstanding memoir On Writing.

I have strong feelings about "rules" that pertain to writing, primarily because I don't believe they exist. When asked for advice or guidance about writing, most responsible writers (hopefully) won’t give you "rules," so much as they’ll give you suggestions for things that work—at least, things that work for them.  

That said, I was curious to see what the world's most famous author had to say with regards to writing rules. During the episode, I read each rule and give my response to them (SPOILER ALERT: I agreed and disagreed with several). I even spend a good amount of time at the beginning of the episode talking about the #1 piece of advice I give to all writers (the ones who ask, anyway).  

You can listen to Episode 96 by pressing PLAY below the groovy black and white photo of Stephen King. Enjoy...