Chatting with Donna and Tony Figueroa

On Episode 95 of The Martin Lastrapes Show Podcast Hour I had a delightful chat with Donna and Tony Figueroa. Donna and Tony are actors and writers and, more than anything else, lovely to have a conversation with. 

A few topics covered:

  • Chasing the acting dream
  • Donna's regular role on Days of Our Lives
  • Growing up in the midwest (and Puerto Rico).  
  • Standup comedy
  • How Donna and Tony fell in love
  • Performing at Story Salon
  • Donna's novel Fall Again: Beginnings

What if you were to meet the perfect person—but at the wrong time? In Beginnings, the first book of the Fall Again series, you'll meet Marc and Lauren and their closest friends in the optimistic New York City of the late 1980's.

Marc Guiro is from Montreal and pursuing acting against the wishes of his traditional family. Lauren Phillips has fixated on becoming an actor since she was a child in the Midwest. Despite a strong and
obvious attraction, decorum dictates their relationship remain

Over time, Marc and Lauren struggle to maintain the façade of being just friends to those around them, and to each
other. But, regardless of their best efforts to remain friends, Marc and
Lauren fall in love—and drastically change the course of their lives.