Ben Eads: Action Star

My friend Ben Eads, author of Cracked Sky, made a triumphant return to the podcast on Episode 122. For the first 40 minutes of this episode, I am riveted to near silence by an unbelievable story Ben shares, garnering the nickname "Ben Eads: Action Star."

Excerpt from Louise Bohmer's review of Cracked Sky:

"Cracked Sky is Ben Eads debut novel, and it’s a work he should be proud of writing. It tells the story of Stephen and Shelley Morrison–a couple dealing with the painful loss of their daughter. Ben doesn’t sugar coat their suffering either. He shows it in raw, emotional detail. Cracked Sky is a powerful read because Eads takes you on a rollercoaster of feeling, from terror, to sadness, to anger, and more. There are hints of a Stephen King influence peppered through this book. Ben’s antagonist evokes dread similar to what I experienced when I first met Pennywise, and his otherworld is eerie, chilling, yet beautiful. I highly recommend you check out Cracked Sky."