The Greg + Martin 10 Minute Chat Hour

So, you've been watching The Greg + Martin 10 Minute Chat Hour. Right?


If not, maybe it's because you've not heard the buzz about me being the fastest rising YouTube superstar in the history of the World Wide Web.


The world.

Press PLAY below to enjoy Episode One. Then scroll down for more words authored by me.

With the debut installment of our YouTube series, my big brother, Greg, and I have embarked on a new brotherhood: the Internet. We're like Anonymous, except rather than expertly hacking our way in the hearts of people all over the galaxy, Greg and I hack our way into your heart ten minutes at a time on a weekly basis. Each episode is sort of like the tiny hammer in The Shawshank Redemption and every week we burrow just a little bit deeper until one day you’ll find us completely inside of you. And we're not just coming...

...we're here.