Chatting with Liz Hersey

My hilarious Canadian pal and fellow Buffy enthusiast Liz Hersey recently made a return visit to The Martin Lastrapes Show Podcast Hour for wanted turned out to be an epic two-part conversation. If you haven't listened already, I've decided to make your life easier by posting PART ONE and PART TWO below.


A few of the topics covered in PART ONE:

  • Crushing on asshole cartoon characters
  • Reading about sex in VC Andrews books
  • Lesbian sex in The Color Purple
  • Why Steven Spielberg needs to get a boner (according to Liz)
  • Dawson's Creek, Dawson's Creek, and more Dawson's Creek

A few of the topics covered in PART TWO:

  • A scandalous story from my past
  • The Great American Pitchfest
  • Liz and I try to remember how we first met
  • How "The Buffy Chronicles" almost didn't happen
  • I try to convince Liz to watch The Walking Dead