Chatting with Emma Arnold | PART ONE

On Episode 73 of The Martin Lastrapes Show Podcast Hour, I shared PART ONE of my chat with the hilarious and multi-talented comedian, author, and beekeeper Emma Arnold.

In PART ONE of our chat, here are a few topics we covered:

  • Growing up in rural Idaho in a trailer in the woods. 
  • Emma's obsessed with Star Trek: TNG, but not Star Wars.
  • Emma learned about sex through horror and romance novels.
  • I talk extensively about Jaws for no good reason.
  • My mom turns up in the middle of the podcast.
  • Beekeeping (or bee farming?).
  • Emma used to write erotica, before getting into standup comedy.

Beyond being a terrific comedian, Emma is an exceptionally gifted writer and she is currently working on a narrative non-fiction book for Exciting Press. Here's an excerpt from her blog post "Hearts and Bones"

"My ex proposed to me while we were watching the X-Files by saying, 'I don’t want illegitimate children, so we should get married.' Properly wooed, I got my wedding dress at a thrift store and had a seamstress sew red and gold ribbons onto it. At the reception, his mother began her speech by saying, 'Your first wedding is always the most special...' All of this happened on a boat named the 'Tiger’s Folly' which, appropriately, a few months later, caught fire and sank into the Morro Bay.

Yesterday, I was hiding my son’s tooth in my sock drawer, and I found the tiny, green velvet box that holds my ring. I have all my childrens’ baby teeth. I can’t bring myself to throw them away. They sit in bags in various drawers just waiting to out the Tooth Fairy as a fraud. I recently found a molar in my purse when I was looking for chapstick. That’s probably a thing that only happens to parents and/or serial killers, and isn’t really socially acceptable either way."

You can (and should) read the rest of "Hearts and Bones" by clicking HERE. After you finishing reading all the articles on Emma's website, you can wait with bated breath for PART TWO of my conversation with her.