Chatting with Tammy Salyer

On Episode 65 of The Martin Lastrapes Show Podcast Hour, my guest was author and editor Tammy Salyer. Tammy is the author of The Spectras Arise Trilogy and when she's not writing and publishing, she's busy running her company Inspired Ink Editing.

Here's a few of the topics we covered during our conversation:

  • Reading Stephen King novels
  • Our mutual love of Tom Robbins
  • Disguising non-fiction as fiction
  • Working as a freelance editor
  • The difference between "self-publishing" and "independent publishing"
  • The importance of a professionally designed book
  • Writing book trilogies
  • Jumping out of airplanes on purpose

Book One of The Spectras Arise Trilogy is Contract of Defiance. Here's the synopsis:

Winner of the 2010 Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Contest for best action/thriller. Finalist in the Kindle Book Review 2012 Best Indie Book Contest for science fiction/fantasy. When all other options run out, never let go of your gun. In a few hundred years, the Algol system becomes humanity’s new home. The question is: Is it a better one? When a crew of arms smugglers botches their latest job, Corps-deserter and crewmember, Aly Erikson, is separated from her brother, the only person she can trust, and left behind to fight for her life. In the aftermath, as she tries to piece together what happened, a crew of roughneck settlers pressgang her into a dangerous mission in the heart of Corps territory. Time is running out to get back everything she’s lost: her crew, her brother, her options. But no one is taking her gun.