2015 Academy Awards

The 87th Academy Awards ceremony has come and gone. It's been about two weeks or so since it ended and, well, I still think about it. 

Not that the awards had a profound impact on my life, but I look forward to them every year. I love watching the nominated movies and wondering aloudusually with Chanelwho's gonna win, who's gonna lose, how's the host gonna do, who's gonna have a moment that lives forever in the pantheon of Oscar lore. But, before we got answers to those questions, there was something else.

Before Birdman won the most Oscars of the night and Boyhood walked away with only one, before The Grand Budapest Hotel was placated with a series of minor awards and American Sniper was virtually ignored, before Common and John Legend stole the night with a brilliant performance honoring Selma and The Imitation Game screenwriter Graham Moore gave a speech that reinvigorated my faith in humanity, before J.K. Simmons officially accepted the award for Whiplash we all knew he would win and Eddie Redmayne appeared more surprised than anybody that he won for The Theory of Everything...

...before all of that, there were the podcasts. 

Chanel and I did a series of podcasts leading up to and following the 2015 Academy Awards. For your convenience and pleasure, I've gathered them all below.


Episode 54: Pre-Oscars Buzz

After an awkward and inappropriate opening three minutes, Chanel and I talk about the eight Oscar-nominated films we'll be watching at the 2015 Best Picture Showcase.

Episode 55: Best Picture Showcase | PART 1

Chanel and I attended Day 1 of AMC's Best Picture Showcase where we watched The Grand Budapest HotelWhiplashBirdman, and Selma. We share our thoughts and crack a few jokes along the way.


Episode 56: Best Picture Showcase | PART 2

Chanel and I attended Day 2 of AMC's Best Picture Showcase where we watched BoyhoodThe Theory of EverythingThe Imitation Gameand American Sniper

Episode 57: 2015 Academy Awards

Chanel and I tell you all about how much we loved the 2015 Academy Awards...or how much we hated them. There's only one way to find out. (HINT: Press Play)