Professional Wrestling Podcasts

As many of you know, I love professional wrestling. I discovered as a kid and have grown up with up for most of my life. Part of the unforeseen joys of hosting The Martin Lastrapes Show Podcast Hour is it's afforded me the opportunity to have conversations with professional wrestlers, including former WWE Diva Katarina Leigh Waters (Episode 16) and the Original "Mr. Wonderful" Rock Riddle (Episode 25 and Episode 26).

I recently had an opportunity to chat with former TNA star and current Nigel McGuinness and former WWE superstar Sinn Bodhi (aka Kizarny). I also had a chat with my buddy Tim Chizmar who shared some audio from one of his latest comedy shows, which included WWE superstar Rob Van Dam stand up comedy and former WWE superstar Gangrel doing a Q & A.

You can listen to all three episodes below, so press play and enjoy...


Topics Covered

  • Nigel's life after wrestling
  • Nigel's project L.A. Fight 
  • Martin's mom 

Topics Covered

Topics Covered

  • Tim's nudist comedy
  • WWE superstar Rob Van Dam doing stand-up comedy
  • Former WWE superstar Gangrel doing a Q & A