Chatting with James Brown | Part 2

On Episode 63 of The Martin Lastrapes Show Podcast Hour, I enjoyed an amazing conversation with critically acclaimed writerand my mentorJames Brown, author of The Los Angeles Diaries and This River

During PART 2 of my conversation with Brown we covered a series of topics, including:

  • The etiquette of workshop critiquing
  • Going back to fiction writing 
  • Adapting book into a screenplay 
  • This River 
  • The evolution of the publishing industry

Of This River, here's what The Los Angeles Times had to say:

"What is fascinating to watch is not a spectacle of decline—he writes of addiction to alcohol, heroin, meth, prescription drugs and antidepressants—but his geologic sculpting, this wearing away of a person, memories and all, down to some pure and simple core. This River continues where Brown's first memoir, The Los Angeles Diaries, left off. It's molten stuff, the story of his efforts to control his river of rage."