Comics on Comics

I was recently a guest on Comics on Comics, which is a terrific podcast that is produced by the Sideshow Network. It's the show where the greatest comic minds meet the greatest minds in comics!

You can listen to my episode by pressing play below: 

I was invited to be on the show by co-host Vito Lapiccola. Vito, along with his co-host, Juan-Manuel Rocha, pits comedians and comic book creators in nerd debates, essentially breaking everything down from the creative process to the business end of comics books, movies, video games and pop culture. 

While I'm neither a comedian nor a comic book creator, I like to think I'm at least occasionally funny and I enjoy reading comic books, which I imgagine worked in my favor. I suspect that hosting my own podcast, The Martin Lastrapes Show Podcast Hour, also played a part in my invitation. 

In the photo below, that's me (left), Juan-Manuel Rocha (center) and Vito Lapiccola (right).


The general format of the show involves Vito and Juan having two guests on the show, engaging them in a panel discussion on various comic book, movie, and general pop culture topics. The second guest who was on this particular episode was Mark Rahner. Mark is comic book writer, talk-radio host, and podcaster based in Seattle. He joined the show via Skype, so I didn't have the opportunity to meet him in person.

During the episode, we discussed the following topics:

I had a great time on the show and look forward to having an opportunity to do it again. As a podcaster myself, it was cool being on another show to see how other podcasters go about their business.  I hope you have an opportunity to listen to the episode and if you like I'd encourage you to listen to more episodes of Comics on Comics.

I also look forward to having Vito and Juan on my podcast, so you can look forward to that sometime in the near future!