About My Musings

The primary goal of Inside Martin is to create a personal presence online where readers can get to know me better.  With that in mind, “My Musings” is going to be a section where I talk about what’s on my mind.  Because I’m a writer and publisher, my intention is to write mostly about writing and publishing. But, because I have a great many interests, some of which have little or nothing to do with writing or publishing, I will occasionally write about other things. From time to time, I will also include guest posts and interviews here. This will also be the place where I will write about my novel, Inside the Outside, keeping you up to date on things such as book signings and public readings.  And, should anything interesting happen during any of my public appearances, you can rest assured I will write about it here.  So, in all, “My Musings” will represent the great majority of thoughts and ideas floating around in my head, specifically the ideas that don’t fit neatly into one of my other two categories: "Books That Aren’t Mine" and "Misc. Prose."